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Welcome to Dutch-Union, we host game servers and websites. We have fast, secure and stable servers, that is required for game and webhosting!




Problems with a network switch, you might have lag / time-outs, we are working on it. [Solved]


Problems with a network switch, switch is replaced by another. Our appolgies for this.

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Welcome to

Dutch-Union is a new starting company for game and webhosting. Dutch-Union will try to have to lowest prices but with the most security and speed!
Processor: Intel© Core Duo T2600 @ 2.67ghz
Memory: 2x 1024 MB DDR2 667mhz
Harddisks: 2x 160gb SATA2 Raid [1] (Raid 1 is for secure and safe files.)
Internet: 1 GBit/s